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Time & Money: A prototype financial modeling platform with big advantages over spreadsheet-based modeling

Welcome to the Time & Money financial modeling prototype!

This document presents an early prototype of Time & Money, a nascent financial modeling platform built on Coda. Time & Money generates cash flow or other time series data lines by rule rather than by filling cells down and across as in Excel. This approach provides a gigantic benefit over Excel modeling by allowing major changes in the model to be made by simple commands without risking the structural integrity of the model. Read ““ for other advantages of the Time & Money approach over Excel.

How you can explore this prototype:

Adjust global model parameters and view a summary of the cash flow model results.

View and adjust the project schedule and dynamically change the cash flow model.

Adjust the rules that define each line of the cash flow model.

View the entire cash flow model.

See the raw date behind the model results.

Read materials that help explain the ideas behind this prototype.

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