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Mile V1 was paket.id with delivery module called Paket Driver - 2017 - 2018 Q1
Mile V2 was built to cater different app flows and more modules - 2018 Q2 - 2020 Q2
Mile V3 is going to be built for the worldwide users 2020 Q3 - 2022 Q4
With V3, we aim to build a product with these in mind
Worldwide audience means English as standard and Bahasa as additional language
User can register , login and use our standard product directly
User can enable and disable modules as they wish anytime
User can pay their billing and invoices using any methods they like

As such the objectives here could summarized as
Standardized modules with default configurations on each
Scalable and resilient infrastructure using microservices
Standardized UI & UX design
Standardized API design
Better issue management by product team
Involvement of CI / CD at every environment deployment (Dev, Beta, Sandbox & Production)
Automated unit, regression, UI & API testing
Integrate billing with payment gateway like xendit

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