Minimalist Teen's Guide to Shopping Sustainably

Top Resource Recs

The videos, articles and websites that have been most valuable for me! I recommended specifics because it can be overwhelming to determine which resources to start with.
1. The True Cost
This is the documentary that prompted me to shop sustainably! The statistics and information presented about how harmful the fashion industry is on the planet are seriously shocking.
2. Good On You
Good On You is a website (and also an app) that ranks how ethical and sustainable fashion brands are based on their environmental impact, labor conditions and animal welfare. Before purchasing from a store, I always check their rating on Good On You!
3. The Good Trade
website has lots of wonderful shopping guides for following a sustainable lifestyle. Definitely check this out for ideas of where to purchase clothing if/when you have to buy new items. There’s also lots of fashion inspo; minimalism and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive!
4. The Story of Stuff
I watched this video in my APES class, when I was first getting into sustainable consumption. It's a classic!
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