Customer Feedback 2024

Towne bank
Only brand pages but down the road will add end users, liked it and thought campaigns will be really useful when they do. No other real specific feedback since they don’t use the content library

Pain point - can’t release some content early because users will post at the wrong time. Dates available on the folder will help, but they also would like to see it on an individual post. That way they can have just one folder for a something like Holidays but the posts don’t appear in the folder until they should be used. Campaigns may solve this in some instances. But in other cases, like for blog posts - they want to add it before it’s live so they don’t want the user to post it before but also they don’t want to specify the date.
Randomize content for evergreen so everyone isn’t sharing the same stuff at the same time when subscribing to folder
Add optional publish date/time to a regular content library post?
Opt out of a specific post when subscribing so they don’t have to o to the calendar to remove it?
Notify when content has been added to a library they are subscribed to (Set by the admin and user can’t turn it off). So that new content added to a folder that may be objectionable to the end user won’t be surprised (digest - daily or weekly maybe?)
Analytics - would like user data - what type of content are users gravitating toward
Mobile - optimize compose on the web so they don’t have to email themselves photos so they can do it from a computer

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