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Competitor Analysis

Hearsay Social

Relative Campaigns
Evergreen content that can be shared any time
Dynamic Campaigns
Preset with schedule dates and times (ex. holidays, events, series of webinars, etc)
Any content admins add after you’ve subscribed will still be scheduled
Add a summary when creating a new campaign
Ability to auto-subscribe advisors to a campaign
o If an organization wants a specific subset of advisors to be subscribed to a campaign, hearsay automatically subscribes those who are not currently subscribed, those who have not previously unsubscribed
Email notification when advisor is subscribed to a campaign, with a link to allow them to review details and unsubscribe
Campaigns overview screen shows
Subscribe/unsubscribe button
Next publish date
Allow publishing posts to: (select networks)
You can also click See Previous Posts to review all past content scheduled as well
Once subscribed all scheduled posts appear in calendar
For relative campaigns -Advisor can reschedule, unschedule and modify posts
Advisor selects which networks to allow publishing to
If any of the posts in the campaign contain a message that is over 140 characters long, Twitter will not be available to select as one of the social networks on which the campaign's posts can be published

Sprout Social

Sprout’s uses tags for campaigns. The workflow is:
Create a new campaign
Campaign Name
Select date range
Campaign Brief/Summary
Select Groups it should be visible to
The campaign becomes a tag that is available in the compose screen
Create a new post, select the campaign tag
Auto-schedule with sprout queue or choose specific date & time
Shows posts in campaign that have already been posted
Shows archived campaigns
Campaign planner
Queued posts,
posts needing approval
upcoming posts
campaign performance
engagment rate
post clicks
Campaigns are highlighted with a specific color on your calendar


Pretty basic
Create a campaign
Start and end date
Add link setting presets to every post in campaign
Add tags to every post
This campaign appears as an option for all organization members to select when publishing content.
Organization members can also filter the content planner by campaign to see all content scheduled for the campaign.
Assign a campaign to a post
Select an organization when you are creating a post, and then select Select campaign to associate the post with a current or future campaign.
Point to each campaign to view its Summary.
The Select campaign button does not appear unless there are current campaigns available to publish to.
Associated posts can’t be scheduled outside of the campaign’s defined date range.

Sprinklr Training - Using Evergreen Campaigns
Evergreen Campaign - no end date

Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 9.53.21 AM.png
Create a campaign
Start and end date
Status - Draft/Active/Expired
Location based posting
ex: Reputation - can chose to enroll

Suggested Features
User needs to be able to authorize admin to post on their behalf, then unauthorize
Possibly post on days where nothing is currently scheduled in a user’s calendar
Choose which days you want to post on (Ex: Mon/Wed/Fri) as an alternative to just choosing the cadence
Ability to subscribe to a campaign in the middle of it and start with the next scheduled post
Delete or opt out of posts from a campaign that you don’t want to share

Notes From how Campaigns were used at Guardian:
Life insurance awareness month. Posts on this topic scheduled throughout the month. Images one day, link to an article the next time.
Some people didn’t like campaigns going out on their behalf but they liked seeing the content. Didn’t want to subscribe to it but they wanted to have the option to manually schedule it.
- as a new article was written it would go into a campaign then everyone subscribed would get the next article that was published.
Always better engagement when a campaign was running.
How might we take data about who is looking at your content and then generate leads from them? Example: if the same person clicks on 2 articles from campaign in same month then serve up an offer like an ebook.

FMG Issues
If the campaign started on March 1st you had to subscribe on that day. Couldn’t subscribe it advance - it started posting on the day you subscribed.
Couldn’t hide the campaign until the date available.
If subscribed after the sequence was finished it wouldn’t work
Couldn’t set an expiration date or set a last date that a person could subscribe to it
If a campaign was deleted, posts might still go out to subscribers

Live social
User able to change post dates
Create campaigns that are only visible to certain users in the company
Teams - Corporate admin that can do everything as well as a Content Admin for each team - example marketing admin at a local level who wants to create a campaign for their office.
Folder Analytics - Clicks, shares, comments, etc. Analytics by folder rather than posts was helpful for getting accurate data on the campaign since a post could be used in other content libraries or in other ways.
Engagement by network
Unique readers vs total readers
Export Reports

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