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The Mailchimp Pack

Subscribe and update members, create and observe your campaigns & much more.

About the pack

The Mailchimp pack is your handy connector between Coda and Mailchimp. You can sync data back and forth and brings a lot of Mailchimps functionalities directly into your docs.

Why use the Mailchimp pack?

Ready-to-use directly in your doc

The Mailchimp pack can be setup within seconds and is ready-to-use for you. You don’t need to create your own pack or build a complicated setup with Zapier or Integromat. Just drag & drop in tables & formulas and you are ready to go.

Use cases

There are several practical use cases where your Mailchimp data can come in handy in Coda. Most of all, like any other connector-pack, it helps to create your single source of truth within your doc environment.
CRM synchronization
campaign creation & sending
campaign reporting
subscription forms
tag management
automation processes


The pack is a direct connection between the Coda & Mailchimp, which means you login to Mailchimp itself to get access to the data and features within your doc. There is no further third-party software involved that might need to be stated in T&Cs or that could break at some point without notification.

What’s in the pack?

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Data security

The Mailchimp Lite pack directly interacts with the Mailchimp API. The pack maker has no access to any user data. Use of the pack is at your own risk. The pack user is responsible for the use of data from his Mailchimp or Coda account.

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