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for contains information about the project such as:
As a start for project-scale work, a preliminary categorization is
@Daniel Ari Friedman
I have a few requests please!
Could you set up a Messages page where we could be leaving messages for each other as opposed to random places?
Could you set up a “Featured Pages” page where we could list pages that feature content of most timely interest? I would link to that from the top of and we could see what newsworthy pages to link directly to.
Could you please create an (Knowledge Engineering) (Interface) Requests page where we could write more requests. :) AK

like: Perplexity, ChatGPT, Wiki, Jupyter...
like the
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Notes and discussion

Andrius: Daniel, is there a way to see “recent changes” for all the pages here? KU: we can always notify one another of where work is happening, via memos here or other channels.
Daniel, I am curious how import/export works, for example, for tables. I am wondering if it makes sense to use Coda for a database? Or is it better to simply code one with PHP/MySQL ?
How to get people to run with the ideas?
Supporting people’s ideas and developments.
Language that is deeper than words for Mental Action.
“Language & Not Language” — I will erase these distinctions — Framework with 2 ways of looking at something —
View from the inside // View from the outside
— Coda modification, last modified (can explore packs, tables, etc).
Using the Wiki as meta-space for the Coda pages. We can find ways to be working with both in synergistic way.

Learning to live with the 3rd deliberate, investigative mind/.
Navigation individual/collective. Internet not navigable like landscape/intuition.
Phermone/Stigmergy & trails on landscapes. Paths / probabilistically also reflected in the language model inner layers.
Previously — Slime molds
And across efforts — clarifying the deliberate investigations. And projects, like Database or Language Model

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