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Garden planner [template]

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I started this Coda to help me think through garden planning for the year. I kept seeing different collections of information in different places (seed packets, books, websites), and wanted a central place to reconcile and make sense of that information.

Here’s how to make it work for you:

Go through and make it local to you
Map your garden into so you know what spaces you’re dealing with
Start entering your and what you know about them
Tie it all together with — which plant is in which spot
Keep notes about your progress and observations in the
Don’t forget to actually go outside!

Other stuff you could do with this Coda:

Track and surface recurring tasks for perennials
Manage crop rotation so you don’t plant the same type of edibles in the same spots year-to-year
Track seeds you’ve collected from your plants
Huuuuuge thanks/credit to my landlord for giving me an incredible set of gardening resources and plant info; most ornamental plant notes are from her.
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