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Commercial Page UX/UI Design Improvements

A quick comparison of ProPrivacy against top cybersecurity websites and our main competitors suggests an update of the website’s overall design, navigation, and page layout is required.
This page focuses on improvements to the commercial “Best X for Y” articles. We cover visual elements, page layout, and text content.

Overall Page Design

Better contrast throughout. This includes switching to black text on white background, use of bold text in-paragraph to emphasize points, and clearer buttons.
Darker text on white background
In-text links a contrasting color and bold font
Standardize the title font weights and look
Buttons in a contrasting color
Improved meta area. These take up a lot of page space currently, especially on mobile, where no affiliate link is visible without scrolling.
Smaller font for titles. Consider shorter text.
Smaller text and image for authors. Social links open in new tab.
Consider 1-sentence author intro for EEAT
Add expert review or fact checker
Remove categories and comments (having no comments reduces authority)
Regularly refresh “Last Updated” tag to within the same calendar year
Switch breadcrumbs to topic clusters. These are currently based on internal categories but not topics readers would use or associate with.
Current examples:
> > > > The Best Ad-Blockers for Android
> > > The cheapest VPN services if you're on a budget
> > > 10 best VPNs for Netflix that work in 2024
To improve navigation and potentially drive readers towards other pages and content hubs, we could take a different approach, and cluster articles based on use case.
Better examples:
> Privacy Tools > Mobile > Ad Blockers > Ad Blockers for Android
> Guides > VPNs > Cheapest VPNs
> Guides > Streaming and Content > Netflix > Best Netflix VPN
This would also allow us to create content hubs around specific use case, ie, Netflix, and cluster all the relevant content onto a single page (Best VPN for Netflix, )
Navigation. Currently takes up a lot of space, but can easily be reduced if we:
Move “About us” to the footer
Reduce the logo
Consolidate onto one row
Move the breadcrumbs to the meta info area (might also increase click through)
Relevance and EEAT.
Add “current year” to headers and other relevant sections
Add an address and similar “IRL” details in the footer. None of our competitors include such details. This could be combined with the team photo and a link to the About Us page.
Add extracts from Reddit reviews and comments. I’m don’t know if this is feasible, but it could boost rankings and trust if we back up our claims with screenshots from Reddit users.



Mini Reviews

Intro section and tables. The current version is often chaotic and difficult to read. We can improve it significantly with some basic tweaks.
Add a vendor image/mockup. Standard on every competitor
Add a defined column/row structure for each section
Include a high-contrast button/CTA linking to vendor website
Make vendor logos’ background transparent (or white if we change the website background)
Change “Editors Choice” to “My Pick” or “Team Choice” or similar to make it more personable and human. The editor didn’t test the products, the writer and their “team” did.
Make the discount tags clickable to improve CTR
Create two defined columns for the Pros and Cons
Add summary to H3 title. I.e. “ExpressVPN - The Fastest VPN for Netflix in 2024”
Add screenshots of the apps in action. To stand out, we could record Loom videos and embed them in the article.


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Mobile Responsiveness

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