ProPrivacy Revamp Proposal

ProPrivacy Revamp Proposal

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Top Priorities

Update/modernise UI and UX
Fix Technical Issues
Conduct content audit and pruning (update, consolidate, and delete)
Improve topic clustering


Policy for deleting content
SEO/growth goals for ProPrivacy
Overall business goals for Proprivacy/Comparitech/Aura

Original Proposal

As a VPN review website, ProPrivacy is well-established and benefits from being online since at least 2013. It has a high DR (60+) and a huge content library (3,000+ pages?).
However, the review/affiliate website space is changing rapidly. I don’t have 1st party access to traffic and rankings analytics. But I assume ProPrivacy has been impacted by the following:
Google’s Helpful Content Update and other changes in 2023
The growth of “... reddit” search queries
Big-name publishers like Forbes competing for affiliate keywords
Mass produced AI-generated content clogging up the internet and SERPs
In 2024, Google is expected to roll out Search Generative Experience (SGE) globally, which will further reduce traffic to affiliate websites in the coming years.
To stay competitive, ProPrivacy needs to take a fresh approach to content that includes overhauling the user experience and leveraging older informational content that ranks well but hasn’t been updated in years.
But mostly, by making ProPrivacy’s content more “human” and putting the people behind the website to the forefront, we can improve metrics like EEAT and stand out from every other VPN affiliate website and large publications like Forbes.

Strategy for 2024: Putting the people and mission first

Based on a quick review of ProPrivacy’s (including team profiles) and pages, the website started with a clear mission: helping internet users improve their online privacy and maintain better control of their data.
However, this mission is unclear on landing pages such as the product reviews and comparisons I’ve been writing.
Thus, I suggest re-emphasizing this aspect of ProPrivacy and highlighting the team behind the website wherever possible.
For example, this is the current home page hero section when it loads on desktop:
pasted image 0.png
This homepage is functional, and I’m sure has been tested for conversions and performance. However, it follows the same basic format as almost every competitor, including , , and .
The content is nameless, faceless, impersonal, and generic.
I suggest a different approach that focuses on the human team behind ProPrivacy and their original mission, and positions ProPrivaccy as an authority in cybersecurity, rather than just another review website.
Here’s a very rough mockup of a potential home page that sums up the new approach (and would make ProPrivacy stand out massively against the competition):
pasted image 0.png
Note: emphasize power words and phrases like “retake control” and “empower” in the copy. Use real photos.
“Start Here” would direct to a content hub that’s a mix of info and monetizable content. “Read More” could link to the About page or a mission statement.
I understand revamping the website to fit this new approach would require considerable investment and planning.
Also, the ROI may not be immediately attributable.
So, I’ve identified some quicker fixes that should also boost the website’s rankings, conversions, and overall performance.

5. On-page changes

pasted image 0.png

Additional Steps

Rather than go into the remaining changes and updates in detail, I’ll provide a quick summary of each, and their potential impact.
Product-led SEO
Revamp the Tools Hub and individual tool pages to appear on SERPs, convert readers to monetizable pages, and boost overall performance.
Restart interviews
Profile cybersecurity professionals and personalities, offering a backlink and boost to their profile online.
Incorporate their quotes into monetized and informational content to boost EEAT.
Should be easy to find volunteers if we offer a backlink from a DR 60+ website.
An AI chatbot?
Get ahead of the curve by testing a chatbot to help readers find the best solutions, based on content throughout the website.
Could be possible using OpenAI’s Custom GPTs (in beta).
Directly address Reddit
Create content advising readers on the risks of using Reddit for product reviews.
Change of tone
(going way outside the affiliate niche for a reference)
Rather than focusing on being informative only, can we add some personality to the content?
This could include a more informal approach, introducing memes and humour, or getting a little snarky to stand out.
Topic Clusters
These hub pages could be updated to capture potential keywords and take readers into a deeper funnel via info content.
The current title “VPN Providers” would be more impactful if switched to something like “VPNs in 2024 – Everything you need to know” and accompanied with a intro paragraph.
And maybe a search function so readers can find specific content via keywords (ie “iPhone” or “Twitch”)
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