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Claim Currency Internals

If you’d like to see how all this works, feel free to poke around. It’s probably easiest to start with , which has some toys you can play with.
tracks all the accounts (much like wallets) of users of the market. It’s the best place to go if you want to play with the mechanism.
is the ledger which tracks all the events in the market to infer current token values, it encodes the core mechanism which enables intrustments called “index payments”.
are the claims that have been made in the market, you can also click the Add Claim button to make your own
links up with to tell us how people price different claims
keeps track of the intrustments that have been made. It’s referenced by
simply defines the varieties of intrustments:
Trustment and Distrustment
The page does much of the heavy lifting whenever you press a button. If you’d like to understand Staking, Transferring, Pricing, Intrusting, Paying, or Resolving then copy this doc and inspect the formulas in the Call column.

Note: this doc does not give good advice on how to use Coda. In many cases I’m stretching the limits of what Coda can do and in other places I’m just breaking it in a reliable way. This doc is perfectly fine to inform you about how Claim Markets work, not so good for how Coda works.
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