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The Adventure

There are nine Challenges, a bonus level and an optional dual 1-on-1 meeting. Each challenge will likely take less than an hour to complete. This whole process we will refer to as the Adventure!
Once you have completed the Adventure you will know:
What information is necessary to analyze the financials of an affordable housing development project. (Covered in: , , and )
How all of the information gathered is connected. Including the relationships between, uses, sources, expenses, income and the design itself. (Cover in: the whole dang thang)
Put the information you gather into a proforma.* (Covered in: , , , , and )
What to look for in the Completed proforma and what it means. (Covered in: )

*(We will not be working directly in a Spreadsheet though all of what you learn here is directly translatable. There us a spreadsheet version included as a bonus)
Below is a video that will outline the general process for each Challenge.
What that video just said was:
At the beginning of every challenge there will be a description of what to do, the ( learning) objectives
then there will be a video and maybe some GIFs that show you how to interact with the numbers and offers an overview of how what you're doing fits into the bigger Financial model. No video is longer than 5 min. If you're looking for a challenge mode feel free to watch the videos on double speed it's also funny cuz we sound like Chipmunks.
If you're feeling like you're missing information to fill in the number section first look at the story then if you're confused about something check the concepts and if you still can't figure it out or you think you found a bug write a note in the questions section at the bottom of the page.
Once you think you've completed the challenge give yourself some Stars then click on the button at the bottom of each of the challenge pages to bring you to the next challenge.

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