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Expanding what’s possible for startups and students

We’re making it easier to get started with Coda and offering more ways to save.
Whether you’re a student, teacher, or a startup that’s just getting off the ground, we know you face challenges like limited time, resources, or budget. You need to be choosy about the tools that help you get things done, which is why we’re expanding our savings and programs so you can get the most out of Coda.
We’ve already seen thousands of startups and education makers use our discount offerings to do more with Coda, for things like taking class notes, creating a full-blown business, and everything in between.
Now, it’s more affordable than ever to try out Coda for yourself and your team.

Quick starts for startups

Disrupting is hard. Choosing the right tool for your startup shouldn’t have to be. We know that startups need to be fast and nimble, and the tools to make that happen should be just as quick and flexible.
After piloting our Coda for Startups discount program and scaling to thousands of companies, we saw startups use Coda when getting off the ground, scaling their processes, and keeping up with growth. , a job network for college freelancers, first turned to Coda to organize each team’s goals in one place, and they liked that Coda could connect to the tools they were already using. They’ve since expanded to bring a bit of joy into their workday, like a midday trivia doc and a Monday motivation doc to start the week on the right foot.
With this kind of early success, we’re excited to launch updates to our startup offering.
To help startups hit the ground running with Coda, eligible companies can receive $1000 credit for their workspace, applicable to our Pro or Team plans. While it is dependent on which plan you select and your team size, on average this discount lasts startups more than 1.2 years.
Here are some other ways we support startups using Coda:
to learn from and network with other startups using Coda
Explore looking to build their day-to-day operations, like setting goals, planning product launches, or managing costs.

for a $1,000 credit for your startup.

Pro access for students and educators

Whether you’re a student who needs to keep personal projects organized or you need to stay on the same page with others, the Coda discount can help supercharge your productivity. Makers have already put these plans to good use. For example, Babson College junior Jason Sol built an interactive hub for university clubs on Coda. And Lafayette College freshman Angela Busheska wants to track side projects in Github to stay motivated and ultimately land a software engineering internship. She turned to our Github pack to get granular analytics about her Github repositories and so other students can stay motivated with progress trackers and visualizations.
For students, teachers, and education professionals, you can access Coda’s Pro plan with one Doc Maker for free for as long as you are in school or working as a teacher. For those who need a plan with more than one Doc Maker, we offer 80% off of Pro or Team workspaces. (Note that this 80% discount does not apply to an entire school or university. For broader access and discounts, ).
for one of our many discounts for students, teachers, and administrators.
If you have any questions about our discount programs, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out to .

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