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Ultimate Guide to Summer Internship

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The ultimate interactive guide to navigate your from 0 to landing that summer technical internship!
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Many computer science students often find themselves lost in the internship journey. Plenty of them don’t know what (apart from good grades!) shall be present in their resumes. Additionally, even though over 70% of the students knew the importance of creating personal projects, given the academics workload, they have often left their projects unfinished (giving up on the potential to turn their ideas into powerful start-ups/non-profits!)

How this template works

The tech industry loves GitHub, and so do we! How many times you’ve started a super project on GitHub, and left it unfinished in the middle of the process? If you are somewhat like 90% of the population, this doc will be your remedy.
Step 1: Copy this tracker!
Step 2: Link your GitHub Account!
Step 3: Set your goals!

Upcoming: LeetCode Tracker

Are you dreaming about that Software Engineering Role at big Tech? Make sure to check this doc shortly for the new LeetCode Tracking Opportunity through Coda.

My project will quickly show to your rides within a selected time-frame. Use the quick-select buttons to view by available options or narrow down your specific time-frame to anything you like (including everything).

Set and view progress on three different goal types:
Number of Repos
Number of Updates Present
Activity Count

About the Author

This is the first public Coda Doc published by , a Growth Fellow @Coda and a freshman at Lafayette College, currently double majoring in Computer Science and Computer and Electrical Engineering.
She is inspired to hear your feedback — send her a message at!
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