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Coda Consultant Experience

“Coda Expert”

My expertise in using Coda has allowed me to make it on the short list of “Coda Experts” on

About me

Hi, I’m Coby! A college student with a passion for building Coda docs. I’ve been working with clients over the last two and half years helping them make their doc dreams a reality, while also taking them along with me by teaching them how to maintain and build on their own. In addition to building docs for myself and clients, I’ve completed the and programs to further learn about all things Coda.

“Coby knows his stuff when it comes to He helped us build multiple apps in a jiffy. Gave us recommendations on how to make our other apps even better. While friendly, after jumping on a zoom he's all business and easily made our deadlines.”

- YBS Team

My expertise

Coda Superpowers: Formulas, Data Organization, Automations, Ease of use/upkeep
Industry: Technology, Manufacturing, Market Research, Personal
Function: CRM, Finance, Research, Content, Data
Client base: Entrepreneurs, Startups, Small-Medium Companies

My Docs

Here are some examples of docs I’ve made for everyday tasks. I use these in my everyday life and focused on making them really easy to use and customizable. Check them out!
Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 9.14.25 AM.png

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