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Underscore VC’s Board and Investor Update Template

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Underscore VC’s Board and Investor Update Template

An investor update template that makes it easier to outline and structure information
Underscore VC
If you’re getting ready to send an investor update, you might be asking yourself questions like: What should I include? How transparent should I be?
When sharing an update, you’ve got to provide enough detail without overloading the reader. It can be hard to strike the right balance.

The Investor’s Perspective

Before gathering data and writing your investor update, take a minute to think from an investor’s perspective. Investors—like you—are often bombarded with emails. They may be tracking dozens of startups, so make it easy for them to digest and respond. You’ll ultimately benefit.
To focus, ask yourself: After they skim through your email, what is the one thing you want the investor to take away? Do you desperately need hiring help? Are you crushing your revenue goal?
Startup Secret: Include a TL;DR section at the top that highlights the main takeaways. Was this a good month? Why?
Think about how you can with data about your progress. That way, when you’re ready to raise your next round, investors will be excited to engage.

Using These Templates

Using an investor update template makes it easier to outline and structure information, but ultimately, it’s up to you to select data to support your desired outcome.
For a detailed list of tips, see our blog post. And surf through the subpages in this doc to look at a few different examples, and copy the ones that best fit your startup.

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