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Underscore VC’s Board and Investor Update Template
Underscore VC’s Board and Investor Update Template

Series A Template (Option 2)


June was a solid month where we continued to focus on transitioning to the new platform and shipping new features. Revenue decreased a bit in June, but many of the updates, launches, and features we shipped will lead to increased revenue in the coming months. Big things are happening in July already!

We also decided to delay the launch of our website/branding a few weeks longer, but we are very close. You'll have another update there in a few weeks.

Business wins:
[Name] is joining [Company] as our new [Title]. She’s coming over from [Company], where she was [Title]
Record number of applications for the month (XX)
Signed X new client contracts
Record number of API calls for the month (XX), up from XX in May
Negotiated better contracts with X vendors to increase margins on [Service]
Product wins:
Released [Feature] and [Feature] for [Product]
Transitioned to a new design system, which will...
Completed designs on new data analysis, which will...
Business losses:
Did not hit the target for revenue ($XX), down to ~$XX, below target for the month
X client launches pushed back to July
Revenue fell from $X per [Service] to $X per [Service] due to new feature/product releases
Average deal size decreased to $XX which was the 2nd lowest of the year
Product losses:
Did not launch new branding
Did not switch over to new website yet, will be doing this over the next couple weeks
Delayed start of development of [Feature] to next month
Goals for July:
Reach $XX in revenue
Fill senior Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success roles
Still looking for great frontend and backend engineers
We'd love to speak with anyone who is thinking about launching any kind of [Service] that requires any [Industry Expertise]

Reminder: [Company] does [Boilerplate].


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