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Underscore VC’s Board and Investor Update Template
Underscore VC’s Board and Investor Update Template

Seed Template (Option 2)

Hi everyone,

Hope you're having a great summer so far. Here’s our monthly investor update.

But first, how you can help:
Does anyone know a good PR consultant? The holidays will be an awesome opportunity to get our message out to the media and other outlets that will be covering this.

July Summary
Closed our first 4-figure MRR / $35k ARR customer.
We hired our first full-time Marketing Manager. [Name] comes to us from [Company] and starts this month.
We’re now winning deals against major competitors (including [Competitor], [Competitor], and [Competitor]), onboarding larger brands such as [Brand] and won over a few previously churned customers last month. This signifies the investments we’ve made across product, sales, and support these last few months.
[Note: See Underscore’s SaaS Metrics overview
$X in the bank
X total customers (+X% MoM)
$XX Ending MRR | $XX Ending ARR (+X% MoM)
X months of runway, cash out date
New sales bookings (% of target for month or quarter)
Product Updates:
We announced integrations with [Product/Company] and [Product/Company].
Launched a beta of our [Product Feature].
Expanded carrier support for numerous carriers throughout South America and Europe.
Built integration with XYZ (not yet announced).
MRR was a bit flat in July despite having a strong month in net new customers as we’re recovering a bit from last month's churn and there’s a lag in reporting usage-based revenue, which will reflect in future months.

August Focus
We’re continuing to focus on:
Building a great [Product] and officially rolling it out to all customers.
Onboarding Marketing Manager - step on the growth pedal and prepare content and marketing campaigns ahead of [Event].
Preparing for our Q4 fundraise.
Happy customer quote of the month:


A quick reminder of what we do:
[Insert two-sentence pitch here. website.url.]

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