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Welcome to the ET Upskilling Program!

Let's Get You Started

This document will serve as your handbook for the program.

The program onboarding will occur at the - USB. Please refer to the following link for additional information on .
During the onboarding process, you will receive your work laptop and an ASU temporary parking permit good for two weeks.
When you enter the parking lot, please go to the lobby, and a team member will give you a temporary parking permit for you to place on the dashboard of your vehicle.
About the Program
This program is comprised of three main parts:
1) Grand Rounds: Rotation quarterly in a new role
2) Technical Certification
3) Mentorship
Certification Mentorship
ET Grand Round Mentorship
Program Expectations
Every three months, as part of your quarterly rotation, you will receive approximately two weeks of training. Upon completion of training, you will have approximately 10 weeks working in your new role. Your final week of the quarter will be used to set you up for your rotation to your next ET department, where you will repeat the process.
While working in your new role, you will be allocated time to work towards completing your Google Certification.

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