Client Onboarding Documents

Options for working with Compound
We’re looking working with you to take your business to the next level with automation and integrated systems.
Here is an overview of your options for engaging with us. Click the cards below to read about our service offerings covering: Scope, methodology and deliverables.

R&D: PoC & scoping project
A simple way to dive into your challenge & systems, aiming for Proof of Concept or insight into your business logic – to feed into your full project scope and provide advice.
Standard Rate: £379

Ad hoc development
For smaller individual development requests that meet our criteria for simple projects. You can maintain an ongoing queue of requests which we’ll work on in priority order.
Standard Rate: £150/h

Agile development
For larger or more complex projects (usually multi-phase systems), we’ll work in sprints to attack it in chunks, minimising risk and inefficiency; prioritising working software over complex project documentation.
Standard Rate: £2700/sprint
Consultancy & scoping
We have defined standards when it comes to specifying what technology is to be developed. If you do not have a specification to this standard we will help you develop it.
Standard Rate: £150/h

All you need to do is to complete the engagement form you should have already received a link to and our ops team will onboard you into your project stack (including securely sharing credentials so we can access your systems) and schedule a kickoff call.
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