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Essential information to read before you work with us


We’re looking forward to helping you take your business to the next level with automation and tech systems that help you realise your business vision faster and more effectively.
This document hub will help you decide if your business is a good fit with ours. In it, we cover:
Automation readiness
Solutions offered
Standards for technical specification
Essential things to know about Compound

NB: These documents are the basis of our agreement with you and we need to make sure you’ve read and understood them as part of our engagement process.

In our engagement form you will be asked if you have read our onboarding documents and accepted our stated rates, which will be confirmed to you in writing before engagement.

Automation Readiness

Fact: Not everyone is ready to automate.
To know if you are, please document

Solutions Offered

Broadly, we can help you in the following solution areas:
Insight & Intelligence: We help you understand what is possible in terms of automation and integration and how to go about it in a commercially effective strategic manner. On top of this, we can help you collect, analyse and present data from almost any system throughout your business to boost decision making capabilities.

Software Implementation: We help you implement and onboard to certain software (our ‘core stack’ and various infrastructure utilities) within your business, with or without integration and automation support.

Stack Integration & Workflow Automation: We integrate your business software applications and automate defined workflow processes which take place across your systems. These can be simple ‘point-to-point’ (if this then that) workflows; or complex multistage, multi-directional workflows with integrated business logic (e.g. lookups for business variables such as products, people, financial rules).

Native & Direct Integration Development:
Zapier and Make private or public app development.
Ecommerce app<>platform integration development: Shopify & EKM platforms support.
Bespoke cloud-based native two-way integration development, Xano or Airtable based.

Platform & Tool Development: We build bespoke lowcode-based tools that solve for the business logic that off-the-shelf SaaS does not satisfy. Examples include:
Platform: Bespoke Shopify wholesale website with custom frontend and Airtable-based backend for totally custom order fulfilment routing into warehouses with legacy EDI connections.
Platform: Webflow, Wized and Xano/Airtable stack for fully authenticated, interactive web apps with payment and logic support.
Tool: Bespoke Airtable-based order management with supplier update parsing engine for automated order updates
Tool: Bespoke MRP, pricing and inventory management app with split-second sensitive stock allocation logic and automatic marketplace rebalancing
Tool: Agency operations hub built in Coda with custom CRM, onboarding and reporting workflows and data presentation.


Here are our services. Click the cards below to read about our services; covering scope, methodology and deliverables.

Standards for Technical Specification

Based on the above, you can imagine that we take care to carefully understand what is to be built. We have developed a detailed explanation of our standards of technical specification. We don’t mind who does the scoping (you or us). As long as it meets our standards, we can develop tech based on it.

Essential Information about us

We are not cheap, but we are very effective.
We are small, but rapidly growing.
We are hybrid. UK-headquartered () with a distributed remote-team. Most, but not all, production takes place in the UK.
We focus on ecommerce and the ecommerce ecosystem, but can work with companies outside of this for certain projects and usecases.
As of Spring 2023, we have an average kickoff lead time on a client’s first-project of 4-6 weeks. But once we start development, things happen VERY quickly.
In general, all of our services and products are payable upfront.

Discovery call

Documents can only take you so far. If you have a complex project or need to retain automation expertise, please schedule a discovery call to dive into your specific goals, challenges and opportunities.

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