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Our Prioritisation Logic

We understand the importance of efficiently managing and prioritising work requests from our clients. To ensure we deliver the highest value and provide swift and effective service, we have developed a prioritisation logic that takes into account various factors when scheduling and allocating resources for client projects. This summary will outline the rationale behind our prioritisation logic and how it works to help clients make informed decisions about their engagement with us.
Our prioritisation logic aims to achieve two primary objectives: maximising the value delivered to clients and satisfying their requirements for swift and effective service. We recognise that different clients have unique needs, and their projects may vary in terms of criticality, urgency, business impact, and engagement model. By assigning appropriate weights to these parameters, we can prioritise and schedule work in a way that aligns with each client's specific objectives.

Priority Parameters

Criticality: This parameter represents the significance or importance of a client's request in relation to their overall business operations. Higher criticality requests are given greater priority to address urgent and critical needs.
Urgency: Urgency indicates the time sensitivity of a request. Requests with higher urgency are prioritised to ensure quick resolution and timely delivery.
Engagement Model: This parameter takes into account the nature of the client's engagement with us, such as ad hoc requests, project-based work, or retainer contracts. The engagement model weight reflects the commitment and ongoing relationship we have with the client.
Business Impact: Business impact refers to the potential positive effect or outcome that a request can have on the client's business. Requests with higher business impact are prioritised to deliver tangible benefits and value to the client.

Priority Score Calculation

To calculate the priority score for each client request, we apply the following steps:
Assign weights: We assign appropriate weights to the criticality, urgency, engagement model, and business impact parameters based on the client's requirements and project characteristics. These weights reflect the relative importance of each parameter in determining priority.
Multiply weights by parameter values: We multiply the assigned weights by the respective values of criticality, urgency, engagement model, and business impact for each request.
Calculate the priority score: The priority score is calculated by summing up the weighted values obtained in the previous step. This score represents the relative prioritisation of the request compared to others.
Adjust for request age: We apply a request age multiplier to account for the age of the request. This adjustment considers the time that has elapsed since the request was made and may influence its priority.

Results and Client Engagement

Based on the calculated priority scores, we allocate resources and schedule work to ensure that high-priority requests receive prompt attention and that valuable projects are efficiently executed. Clients can have confidence that their requests are evaluated and prioritised using a transparent and objective approach, tailored to their specific needs and goals.
Our prioritisation logic allows clients to make informed decisions about their engagement with Compound. They can choose the appropriate engagement model, whether it's an ad hoc basis for urgent needs, a project-based approach for specific initiatives, or a retainer contract for ongoing support and maintenance. We are committed to delivering the maximum value and providing swift and effective service to all our clients, regardless of the engagement model chosen.

Example Scenarios

Request: Build an integration between our online store and social media platforms to enable easy product tagging and social selling
Criticality: Medium
Urgency: High
Engagement Model: Ad hoc
Business Impact: Low
Request Age: 15 days
Priority Score: 0.83
Request: Provide ongoing support and maintenance for our existing integrations with various marketplace platforms
Criticality: High
Urgency: Low
Engagement Model: Retainer
Business Impact: High
Request Age: 10 days
Priority Score: 1.54


At Compound, our prioritisation logic is designed to maximise value and provide swift and effective service to our clients. By considering criticality, urgency, engagement model, and business impact, we ensure that projects are prioritised and resources are allocated efficiently. We believe in transparency and objective decision-making, enabling clients to choose the engagement model that best aligns with their requirements and objectives. With our prioritisation logic, clients can trust that their projects will be handled with utmost care and delivered with excellence.
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