Client Onboarding Documents

Development Services

Our technical development services, for a range of capacity requirements.

Ad hoc development

For smaller individual development requests that meet our criteria for simple projects. You can maintain an ongoing queue of requests which we’ll work on in priority order.

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Agile development

For larger or more complex projects (usually multi-phase systems), we’ll work in sprints to attack it in modules and phases, minimising risk and inefficiency; prioritising working software over lengthy (and normally frustrating) detailed specification.
Sprint Rate: 10% reduction on ad hoc

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Prepaid development

You may pre-pay for blocks of development days, normally 5, 10 or 20, at discounted rates POA.

Retained services

We offer service plans with monthly resource allowance which can be drawn down in an ad hoc kanban style. Retained service resources are applicable to consulting and development activities.
Our standard retainers range from 1 to 4 days per month, and we can offer a custom retainer beyond four days to suit demanding requirements. Starting from £1279 per month.
Retainers include:
React our basic monitoring & reactive support plan, with additional 2h reactive support included in your plan
Enhanced scheduling priority
Incrementally enhanced SLA

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