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STAR is a framework that you can use to help you structure your stories. The components of STAR are:
Situation: Provide background on your story. What happened that caused this event or situation to arise.
Task: Based on the context, what was the task that needed to happen. What was your responsibility as it relates to that task?
Actions: What specific actions did you take to complete the task? Who, if anyone, were you working with?
Results: What were the final results or outcomes of the story. What did you learn along the way?

As you are adding stories below, use the STAR framework to structure your description.
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Story Name
Account Planning
I built the framework for Account Plans for the Customer Success and Sales teams. This situation was... My plan was to... I took the following actions... I worked alongside.... The results were... I learned....
Piloting X Program
I was the first one to... The situation was... We were testing if... I took the following actions... I worked with... The results were... Next time I would do X differently...
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