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Interview Prep

Hi! I’m Casey, a Manager of Customer Success at Coda, where we help individuals and teams build and use awesome docs. Coda is a flexible tool that can be used for for many different purposes (see our for inspiration on the many ways to use Coda).

Coda for Interview Prep

I’ve received a lot of interview advice throughout my life. From keeping an ongoing list of projects and wins that you are proud of, to bookmarking feedback and performance reviews. However the 2 best pieces of advice I’ve received are from my Dad:
First, make sure to smile.
Second, as you are preparing for your interviews, think of 3-5 stories that you are especially proud of, and practice telling those stories. For 90% of questions that you are asked, you should be able to answer with one of those stories. This doc will guide you through using this advice.

How to use this doc

Think about those 3-5+ stories and accomplishments that you want to talk about during the interview. Put those into the page.
Add in any questions that you want to be prepared to speak to on the page. To start, I have added in some generic behavioral questions.
For each question on the page, associate the story which could answer that question. Add in any additional context to make it relevant.
If you get to the end of the Questions & Answers and there are still questions highlighted in red, think through what other stories you may have that could be applicable.
In the tab, research who you are meeting with during the interview, and come up with questions to ask them.
makes perfect! Run through the flashcards. When you feel confident on a question, click the “I Feel Good” button. Want another try at the question? Click the “Need More Practice” button.

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