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Webinart Executive Summary

Value Proposition

We empower emerging leaders and experts to share their unique insights and connect with their ideal customers through highly engaging webinars and virtual workshops. By blending storytelling, instructional design, and lead generation, we help independent professionals captivate their audience, build their brand, and grow their business.

Executive Summary

The problem: Experts, especially freelancers/consultants, struggle to effectively position their offerings and connect with ideal customers amid an increasingly crowded digital landscape. Virtual meetings are often boring and passive.
The solution: Our service packages their niche expertise into compelling webinars and virtual workshops. We handle the marketing, presentation coaching, instructional design, and production.
Key benefits: Increased leads and customers for experts. Highly engaging virtual events for audiences. Leveraged model so experts can focus on their craft.
Business model: Charge experts for webinar/workshop production. Offer various tiers and ongoing services.
Request: Seeking collaborators in marketing, instructional design, presentation coaching, video production, and operations to build out a world-class webinar services team.

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