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CEOC Inter-Company Referral Program

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CEOC Inter-Company Referral Program

👋 Hello, and welcome!

What is Boon?

Boon is an automated referral hiring platform that enables organizations and communities to generate 6x more referral talent while completely automating administration. Simply put, Boon is the easiest and most effective way to supercharge your referral talent sourcing.

What are my benefits?

As a CEOC member, your company can access exclusive benefits with Boon.

CEOC Executive Referral Network

CEOC Members can post (3) executive positions annually on Boon for free through the CEOC referral network.
Receive unlimited referrals/applications for executive jobs posted
Send unlimited referrals to other CEOC member jobs
Preset referral reward policy and structure

Exclusive Discounts

By upgrading their account, CEOC Members can unlock Boon's fully optimized and automated referral suite to supercharge their company's referral hiring, with access to exclusive pricing.
Private referral community
Unlimited job posts
Unlimited employees/users
AI-generated referral recommendations
Automated engagement campaigns
Integrations: ATS, payroll, CRM, Slack, Teams, etc.
Customizable reward policy and structure
Reward policy automation
Intelligent job curation
Enhanced support
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