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CEOC Inter-Company Referral Program
CEOC Inter-Company Referral Program

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CEOC Referral Program Overview

The Basics

CEOC Members can post (3) executive positions annually on Boon for free through the CEOC referral network.

Receive unlimited referrals/applications for executive jobs posted
Send unlimited referrals to other CEOC member jobs
Preset referral reward policy and structure
The referral program powered by Boon will notify a company when a candidate has been referred to their position and will provide automatic status updates to the candidate and referral provider.
Boon automatically notifies a company when a reward payment for a successful referral is due. Payments to referral providers are facilitated natively within the Boon platform.

Reward Payment Structure

All jobs posted to the CEOC inter-company referral program:
Are subject to the same reward policy and structure outlined below
Must be a director or executive level position

Reward Payout Details

Director-Level Position
30 days: $500
90 days: $1,500
1 Year: $3,000
Total: $5,000

Executive-Level Position
30 days: $1,000
90 days: $3,000
1 Year: $6,000
Total: $10,000

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