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CEOC Inter-Company Referral Program
CEOC Inter-Company Referral Program

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How is this different than a job board?

Job boards have a limited audience and only engage active job seekers. Unfortunately, the best candidates are often passive and not actively seeking new employment. This is why job boards are largely ineffective at engaging and attracting top talent.
Referrals are the only reliable way to engage with both active and passive talent aside from expensive recruitment agencies. Sourcing talent from referrals provides other exclusive benefits as well as shorter time-to-hire, reduced cost per hire, stronger hires, and higher retention rates.

What if I want to collect referrals for non-executive positions?

Jobs posted to the CEOC inter-company referral program must be a director or executive level position. CEOC member companies can with exclusive CEOC pricing to post jobs and collect referrals for lower-level positions and other feature enhancements.

When do rewards get paid out?

If a candidate is referred through Boon and hired by a CEOC member company, the hiring company must pay a reward to the person who referred the candidate. The reward is broken up into three payments. These payments are due 30 days, 90 days, and 1 year from the date the company hired the candidate. The amounts for each payment vary that was filled.

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