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Layoff Survival Guide

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Layoff Survival Guide

Your toolkit to moving on.
You just got the news, in a few moments, your physical access, your digital access, your company email will be locked. No entry. It sucks but that’s reality. Take a few days off, a week if needed. That downtime is essential for processing, there will be many moments, ups and downs. You will go through all the emotions: anger, self-doubt, relief, etc. Get all that out of your system, you are now ready for next steps. Come along for the ride 🎡.
💡 Have a look around first, use the 'Copy doc' button in the top right corner to make it your own when you are ready. You will need to set up a free Coda account if you do not already have one.

Four Pillars

I have been using these four pillars to guide me on this journey. They do not need to be done in order. In fact, you will have different moments, click on any one of them when you have that moment. I hope it will be useful to you during this tough time.

In the meantime…

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