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Verbal Identity

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Brand Narrative & Personality

A brand narrative is the foundation of the brand. It goes hand-in-hand with our visual identity, providing depth and context to custom visuals. It also serves as a jump-off point for the creation of brand legacy content. Brand personality serves as an internal guide for the way we write copy in a clear and consistent manner. These traits help communicate our personality beyond visuals.

Brand Narrative

To go BIG means to go DEEP.

Throughout our years as a research and innovation consultancy, we’ve worked with sectoral leaders in both the public and private sectors. What we’ve observed is this: Big change needs the deepest roots. At BIG, we drilling down into community insight, grounding big data in human experience. We innovate by finding synergies between partners, ecosystems, and public advocacy, which leads to true collaboration. For us, big means quality, not quantity. We innovate when we collaborate. All of this ladders up to our vision of inclusive transformation which can only happen through a strong and deep foundation. Which is why we say at BIG: To go big means to go deep.

Brand Personality

BIG redefines the way we approach intellectual capital in the Philippine development sector. As we work towards a culture that recognizes the value of intellectual capital in inclusive development, the way we speak must reflect that same level of connectedness, innovation, and activation (BIG brand values).

BIG is Inclusive

Everything we do is grounded in the lived realities of Filipinos. We share our knowledge freely in the hopes of creating a culture that sees the value of knowledge in development. We hope to empower Filipino communities through our work.

BIG is Hopeful

As an organization, we are always working towards inclusive change and growth. We help our partners look forward to a better future through our work. We hope to inspire our partners and change authorities to dream of change that is inclusive and equitable.

BIG is Action-oriented

Knowledge always translates into action. With the Bayan Family of Foundations, we translate insight into impact. We are data-driven and results oriented. We hope to educate partners to see the value of knowledge in development.

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