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Enough of this sheet! Converting your sheets to Coda tables.

Google Sheets


How to

In Google Sheets
Download the tab’s data by going to File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv)
You’ll see the file show up in your downloads within your Browser or on your Desktop

In Coda
Drag and drop that CSV file into the Coda doc’s Canvas
Alternatively, type / on the Canvas, or click the
, which brings up the quick add menu, then type CSV
Select a file to import. If your Sheet has column names (most trackers do) make sure to select so.
Click Import
Lastly, you’ll want to rename your Table (most likely called Table 1) to something more meaningful such as the name of your Google Sheet workbook or the Tab spreadsheet that you brought in.


Video Guide

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Step by step guide

1. In Airtable, convert the multi-select column to be a "lookup" column that links to another table. Go to the column options > Customize Field Type > Link to Another Record. Since there is no table associated with that column (Description column in this example) yet, you'll need to Create a new table.

2. Now that there are two tables (Elements and Description in this example), download both as a CSV by clicking the ... option on the far right and Download CSV.

3. Import into Coda through drag and drop of the CSV or the . The Airtable CSV export has column names, so make sure to mark that option before importing.

3. Rename the tables in Coda to what you called them in Airtable. In this example, Elements and Description.

4. Change the connecting column (in this example Description) from a Text to a type. Have the Lookup reference the second table (Description).

5. If Airtable was a multi-select column, change the Lookup options in Coda to Allow Multiple Selections values (in this case, a Tree can be Green and Woody, two values from the Description table).

6. Now we'll get the second table (Description) to connect to the values in the first table (Elements) through copy and paste. Select all of the values in the column by clicking on the column header. Copy all the values (control/ cmd + c) in the Lookup column (Description) and paste them (control/ cmd + v) in the same place (no need to move your cursor). The act of copy and pasting auto converts the comma separated values to multiple references to the second table (Description table).
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