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Documentation: Replicated Traversal System

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Replicated Traversal System

This project allows you to easily and quickly add fully replicated and AAA-animated traversal abilities through Blueprints, using cutting edge UE5 tech such as Motion Warping.


Dynamic Customizable System - You can add as many new traversal types as you want, make it yours!
Plug & Play - Simple Actor Component to be added and the rest is history.
Simple Blueprints - The entire system is in blueprints, coded with optimized industry standards.
Fully Replicated - The entire system is replicated over the network and can be played in multiplayer.
✨Compatible with Custom Gravity - Our system support custom gravity for all traversal types!
Dynamic Traversal - You don’t need to author obstacle blueprints, our tracing system detects obstacles and determines the correct traversal type + animation.
Motion Warping - Using UE5’s cutting-edge AAA Motion Warping technology to smoothly adjust the characters and align any obstacle.
Procedural System - You can use any obstacle size! The system will automatically detect dimensions and warp the character location
Hurdling, Vaulting, Mantling and Gap Jumping - Game-ready traversal types at the tip of your fingers!
Mid-air Traversal - Our system allows you to do traversal in midair either automatically on impact or with input.
Chooser Tables - Dynamic selection of the appropriate animation based on traversal type and obstacle dimensions.
Fully animated - Using animations from the Game Animation Sample as well some of our own animations, all game-ready and compatible with the UE5 Mannequin Skeleton.

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