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Check-in Email

Checking in is a helpful way to keep your collaborating teachers up to date

Things to include

Update them on how your child is doing
Respectfully ask for further accommodations if necessary
Thank them for supporting the process

Example check-in email from parent to teacher

Subject line: [Name]’s Return to Learn Plan
Hi Teacher,

Hope you had a restful week off and enjoyed time with your family!

Today was the first day [Name] has returned to all of their classes since their concussion over 5 weeks ago. They came home exhausted, needing a 2 hour nap to recover.

They’ve been deliberately increasing their cognitive endurance and plans to take the test in your class tomorrow. This will be the most demanding focus time he will have had so far.

They hope to be able to complete the test with everyone else but if they are unable to do so, would you be open to allowing them to have some extra time either during lunch, after school, or on a different day?

Thank you again for your understanding and support for their full recovery.

[Parent(s) Name(s)]

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