The Best Korean Drama Games Every Singaporean Should Play

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Which K-Drama relationship do you secretly crave?

Deep inside, we may all be wanting some extra spice in our love lives. This quiz came into existence to help you figure out exactly which currently airing K-drama couple’s relationship you’re secretly — so secretly that even you don’t know it — hoping to have in your own life.
You value a partner who is
protective 💪
adventurous 😛
smart 🧠
Your idea of a perfect date is
studying together 📖
binging korean dramas 📺
going on a hike ⛰️
glamorous dinner 🥘
You can’t stand someone who
wears brown socks with black shoes 👞
can’t do mental math 🏫
holds a grudge 😠
When you get in a disagreement with someone you
love to verbally tell the other person why they’re wrong 🤨
don’t get mad 🤭
want someone to have your back 👫
You love it when
things always go your way 🙂
you have to fight for what you want 👊
there is drama in your life ⚔️
You believe in love at first sight
true ✅
false ❌
Your love language is
Words of affirmation 💬
Quality time ⏲️
Acts of service 👐
Physical touch 💏
Receiving gifts 🎁
What kind of birthday gift would you want your significant other to purchase for you?
Jewelry 💍
Something hand made ✋
A spontaneous trip 🛫
Couples massage 💆‍♂️
What first attracted you to your partner?
Their looks 🙎
Their wit 🧠
Their charm 😏
Your dream honeymoon destination is
Maldives 🇲🇻
Venice 🇮🇹
Paris 🇫🇷
Bali 🇮🇩

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