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Coda vs. All-in-one Project Management Tools Compared

Considering an alternative to Clickup, Wrike, Airtable, Notion, Asana, or These guides compare Coda with other project management and all-in-one platforms, complete with Coda templates to try.
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Pricing stats last updated December 1st, 2020
The project management and solve-everything tool space is crowded. Here’s a collection of guides (complete with Coda templates to try!) to help you compare Coda to the rest of the space.

Clickup vs Coda

Clickup pricing

$9 per person per month lets you invite 5 guests to edit a . With the Free tier, you can’t set granular permissions and only have 5 spaces total. See more on .

Clickup overview is a dedicated task and project manager. Everything is optimized to become a task, from embeds to web clips.
If you’re looking to manage projects, Coda starts with a blank doc so you can customize your own workflows. And Coda shines with powerful API, integrations, automations, and formulas. Learn more. 👇

Wrike vs Coda

Wrike pricing

$9.80 per person per month includes Gantt charts, collaborators, and sub-tasks. With the Free plan, you only have access to board and spreadsheet views—not Gantt charts. See more on .

Wrike overview

Wrike’s folder hierarchy makes Wrike a more traditional project management system. The default view of your tasks is a spreadsheet view which can be viewed as a timeline, Gantt chart, or calendar. Project managers can see all the activity that’s happening on the project in an “inbox.” Extra features and customizations can increase the monthly price.
With Coda, you can build the flexibility into your project management system using basic formulas for sorting and filtering your tasks. Learn more. 👇

Airtable vs Coda

Airtable pricing

$12 per person per month includes 5,000 total rows and 5,000 automations in your
. The Free plan gives you 1,200 rows and 100 automations per month. See more on .

Airtable overview

If you’re looking for the next generation of spreadsheets, you’ve found it. Airtable takes a relational database and provides users apps to build their own business solutions.
Coda unifies data, both structured and unstructured, onto one surface. By placing your relational database and project brief side-by-side, Coda helps you create a comprehensive project management hub. Learn more. 👇

Notion vs. Coda

Notion pricing

$5 per user per month includes unlimited pages/blocks, guests, and file uploads. The Free plan gives unlimited pages/blocks and up to five guests for free. See more on .

Notion overview

Notion allows you to create a collaborative wiki with your teammates. You can also add lists of data that can be filtered by different columns so you can see your data in different ways. This makes Notion pretty powerful for task management since you can view tasks that are in progress, assigned to a specific person, etc.
Coda increases your team’s current functionality with powerful automations, buttons, and integrations. Learn more. 👇

Asana vs Coda

Asana pricing

$13.49 per user per month includes unlimited tasks and projects with some additional features, like task dependencies and timeline view. The Free plan also has unlimited tasks and projects, but with a 15 teammate limit. See more on .

Asana overview

Asana allows teams to manage and collaborate on tasks. The main view is a list of tasks you can filter and view in different ways (like a kanban board). Timelines and dashboards allow time-tracking and gives project managers insight into how the project is progressing. Automations can streamline repetitive tasks.
Coda’s innovative table views, options, and formulas allow you to build a more complex project management system. Learn more. 👇 vs Coda pricing

$12 per user per month includes guest access that is charged for every 4 guests you invite (4 guests billed as 1 user). Includes 250 actions per month for integrations and automations. Free plan doesn’t include automations or guests. See more on . overview focuses on task management. Out of the box, tasks are grouped into common buckets like project status (e.g. in progress, not started, done). There is some built in color-coding so you can see which tasks are delayed. View tasks on a gantt chart or by person.
Coda brings your task management and write-ups in a single place—no more toggling to reconcile your tasks and brainstorm/planning sessions. Learn more. 👇

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