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How the bot works 📝

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Signup and onboarding process which captures agree/disagree to data T&Cs and agree/disagree with opt-in’s to outbound communication (template messages). The following demographic questions are also asked:
Country, Age / Date of Birth, Gender, Occupation, Education, Children, Race, Location / Postcode, Business owner, Languages spoken
Main Menu
Options in menu: Survey Menu, Opt-in / Opt-out, FAQs
Announcements bar containing any information Yazi wants to share
Income balance (current amount owed) and referrals count
Survey Menu
Shows surveys that participants qualify for
Shows how many surveys participant has done
Starter phrases
Starter phrases are specific text that, if sent to Yazi’s bot, will take participants to a specific flow. I.e. Main menu jumps people to main menu. Starter phrases are used in buttons so that if a button is clicked, the starter phrase is sent and jumps a participant to a point in the flow.
Survey access: Accessed in 2 ways
Template message / notification: A template message is sent where the button to start the survey is a Starter phrase
Survey menu: Available to participants who qualify for the survey based on their demographic
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Summary 📑:

Well structured signup process that collects 10 demographic data points - easy to download demographic
Easy download of survey response data, joined with signup data
General navigation
All navigation built around the main menu - the dashboard or home page of our bot which makes using the bot very simple for non-tech native participants
Error messages for if required answers aren’t given in multiple choice or text specific question (postcode, cell number etc.)
Starter phrases to jump participants to specific ‘flows’
Logic in surveys or questions to direct people to specific places based on both the previous question and data collected prior to that question. I.e. different paths for participants based on which treatment group the participant is part of
Ability to go back to previous question (if made a mistake in response)
Surveys or research tasks shown to participants based on specific characteristics in the ’Survey menu'
Malleable bot design to create menus for diary studies or FAQs very easily - with ability to navigate to different flows or places in chat
Personal communication
Template messages or notifications that allows Yazi to nudge participants to use chatbot
Can add variables and reference them in chat or chain into GPT prompts
Incentive tracking on bot menu to show participants how much they’re owed
Full use of WhatsApp new features. The type of data Yazi collects
Multiple choice - Buttons
Multi-select multiple choice - Participants can indicate their selections by providing the associated answer letter (e.g., A, C, F), separating multiple choices with commas (e.g., A, C, F)
Voice notes & transcriptions
Webapp to be able to launch new flows or questions to specific audiences immediately

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