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Welcome to Maya & Coco's Wellness Notes

Namaste 🙏
Happy to see you here!
Welcome to Maya & Coco’s. Maya and Coco are our full of life dogs in Dharamshala. Coco is our neighbour and best friends with Maya, our female Gaddi dog.
This blog is dedicated to sharing our experiences and discoveries in our quest for wholesome health and wellness. We are regularly going to update this doc with our practices, protocols and in general everything we are exploring and experimenting for a good life.
Our insights are coming from personal experiments and the effects. To learn more about us, please visit the section.
We aren’t doctors or professionals but just curious and exploratory souls focused on growth. This journey began as a conversation among close friends, and we're now excited to extend it to a wider audience, aiming to raise awareness about different aspects of life. (Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before making any decisions)
For those who know us, our intentions are clear: we're not here to promote any brands or engage in commercial activities. Our goal is simple – to share knowledge and experiences. We encourage you to engage with us, ask questions, and join the conversation.
We’ll keep updating this doc to serve as a reference and collection of our experiences. Broadly we are going to share on these .
Our doc on is ready 🚀
We are also going to keep adding and that are helping us to bring awareness and wisdom on these aspects.

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