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Bidding - How To

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Bidding - How To

An overview of the architectural bidding process including checklists by Architekwiki.


The Architekwiki How To - Bidding is a document published using that allows for information to be presented in a sharable interactive format. It is amazingly robust and yet easy to use. Instead of a blog post, you are seeing a tool that you can copy, edit and use in your practice.

What is this about

Bidding for architectural projects. I have condensed my experience into a single document that could form the basis of a process for you that will allow your bidding of projects to run smoothly.

Who this is for

My audience, as ever, is the small-firm architect, which I define as an organizton of less than 20 people. That is the source of this information - a firm of 6-12 people designing projects that would be valued at a few million dollars today.

Why use this

The key to having a successful architectural firm is having documented procedures for everything you do. Once documented, a procedure is easy to teach or delegate. With documented procedures, every project is more likely to be a success for you and for your client.

How To Use This ‘Doc’


There are two ways you can learn from this Doc. First is by seeing if my experience matches your own. I may have an answer for a need of yours. Secondly, you can experience what a procedure in your organization might look like and be used.

Make it your own

The real use of this Doc is to make it your own and fill a need. With a little effort to customize this Doc you can have most Bidding tasks delegated to less senior staff. Here’s what I recommend.
Copy this Doc
Modify the copy to make your MASTER
Re-write or delete this page in your Master
Edit the About Bidding page to represent your organization’s policies, procedures and experience.
Finally, edit the Bidding Phase Tasks page by adding and deleting tasks to suit your practice.
For each project, duplicate the Master, and give it the project’s name, e.g. ‘XYZ Project Bidding’.

BTW It is possible to print or export the Doc to go ‘old school’.
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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