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Don’t have a account:
Reach out to your Apaya Account Manager or
Already have a account:
Login to dashboard
Sandbox version -
Production version -
Click on ‘Developers’ and then click on Overview and click ‘Create a new key’ button.
Create and share with Apaya the:
Secret Key
Public Key
Go to the Webhooks section:
Click 'New webhook'
Set the Endpoint URL as below, depending on the environment:
Sandbox -
Signature Key - Click ‘Generate key’
Authorization Header Key - Click ‘Generate key’ (this can be manually set to the same key which was generated for the Signature Key, either method is fine)
Share the Authorization Header Key
Go to the Gateway section and select the following Events:
Payment approved
Payment declined
Select the appropriate entity from ‘Entities and processing channels’.
Click 'Create webhook'
Go to Keys section and click on either of the newly created public and secret keys. Share the Processing Channel ID
On the Apaya Portal, go to ‘Connectors’ and click on the logo. If is already listed in ‘My Connectors’, click the ‘edit’ icon. Enter the bold items from above in the Apaya Portal ‘Edit Account’ section for as shown below:

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