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Amazon Payment Services

Don’t have an Amazon/Payfort account:
Reach out to your Apaya Account Manager or
Already have an Amazon/Payfort account:
Login to dashboard
Sandbox version -
Production version -
On the left-hand menu, click on ‘Integration Settings’ then ‘Security Settings’.
Copy the following pieces of information:
Merchant Identifier
Access Code (Click to generate it if it’s not already available)
SHA Request Phrase
Enter the information above into the Apaya Portal ‘Edit Account’ section for AmazonPaymentServices as shown below:
Ensure you’re utilising the Amazon test keys in the , and (if you have them) Live Amazon keys in the .
Technical setup:
On (or, go to ‘Integration Settings’ then ‘Technical Settings’.
Ensure the following settings/channels are configured, if not already in place then click on ‘Add New Technical Settings’
Trusted - (Mandatory)
Recurring (Optional - only required if you want to perform MITs (Merchant Initiated Transactions) via Apaya platform)
Note 1: To configure Trusted channel, you may need to contact your account manager via email. Please include in CC and Apaya will follow up your email with the necessary documentation required by Amazon to activate this channel.
Note 2: You may need to get in touch with your Amazon account manager to configure the payment types required on each channel, e.g. VISA, Mastercard, etc.
Click on each setting/channel e.g. ‘Trusted’ and populate each of the following that exist; ‘Direct Transaction Feedback’, ‘Notification URL’, and ‘Redirect URL’ with the following values
On Amazon Test platform:
Copy to clipboard
On Amazon Production platform:
Copy to clipboard
Ensure Response Type is set to ‘JSON’
Ensure Downgrade CVC is set to ‘No’

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