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Apaya is a cutting-edge fintech company revolutionizing the payment landscape in the Middle East and Africa. With an extensive marketplace featuring 40+ leading fintech partners, Apaya empowers businesses to discover innovative payment solutions tailored to their needs.
Seamlessly integrating with Apaya Studio, merchants can optimize their payment performance, stay ahead of the competition, and unlock the potential of seamless payments.
What sets Apaya apart is its powerful no-code orchestration tools, enabling businesses to easily customize and automate payment processes without requiring technical expertise. This streamlined approach allows merchants to enhance customer satisfaction, drive business growth, and explore new opportunities in the digital economy.

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Before diving deeper, you need to understand some key terms:
A connector is a third-party company that provides access to one or multiple payment providers. For example, the connector (APS) allows payments via Credit/Debit cards (VISA, Mastercard) as well as alternative or local payment methods e.g. e-wallets (Paypal, Apple Pay, etc.). Note: A Payment Provider can also be a Connector i.e., if we choose to integrate directly (e.g. Tabby.ai, Paypal, Klarna)
Apaya builds Connector Plugins in-house to interact with the Connector's environment, and you would be assisting in creating these Connector Plugins. More information in ‘?’
Connectors may offer multiple integration options i.e. SDK, hosted pages, or direct API calls. We prefer to use direct API wherever possible.

Payment Providers:
Card schemes (Visa and MasterCard), and e-wallets (Paypal, Apple Pay) are called payment providers. The payment provider is usually the entity known by end-users/customers, e.g. Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, and Apple Pay. Whereas the Connector is typically unknown by end-users.
Connectors offer multiple payment providers for different countries. For example, the Amazon Payment Services connector (APS) can offer VISA and Mastercard etc. in UAE, KSA, Qatar, and other countries.

Generic Connector API:
The Generic Connector API is an API that takes a payment request and forwards it to the specific Connector Plugin. For instance, when the Generic Connector API receives a request for the payment provider VISA, associated with Amazon Payment Services, it forwards it to the Amazon Payment Services Connector Plugin to process. If it was to receive a request for VISA, associated with (another Connector), then it would forward it to the Connector Plugin to process. Hence enabling the processing of payments for the same payment provider via multiple Connectors where available.
The Generic Connector API can request various calls depending on the flow eg. process payment, authorise capture, refund, etc.

A merchant refers to a business or individual that conducts commercial transactions primarily through digital channels (web and mobile). This mainly includes selling products or services online for which they need to accept digital payments that optimise the customer experience and maximise the chance of a successful transaction.
Merchants use Apaya to easily access these payment providers (via Connectors) and then use our no-code tools to optimize their payment processes, improve customer satisfaction, and grow their business in the digital economy.

A Product is a specific service or commodity that the merchant is selling or providing to their users, such as scooter rides, car hire, a meal, or a physical item. Each product can be set up within multiple territories with different payment ranges and different languages.

A Workflow enables a merchant to build their desired payment journey utilising the payment providers and connectors that they wish to display in their Checkout, as part of their product’s transaction flow.
A workflow is associated with a single product in a single country. Multiple workflows can exist for a single product/country, however only one can be in live status.

Access the Apaya Sandbox
to experience how customers interact with Apaya

Useful Videos

Video - How a merchant enables a new payment provider on their Apaya account.
Video - How a merchant adds a new payment method to their Apaya workflow.
Video - Explanation on how a merchant integrates with Apaya

Video - Demonstration of how on how a merchant integrates with Apaya

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