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Welcome to the NYC Event Tracker

With so much happening in the city, it’s easy to loose track and miss out. This doc gives you a place to record events and find what you want to do.

Adding Events

The quickest way to add an event is from the page. Use the “New Event” button or type notes if you are on the go.
Timed and all day events are supported
Weekly events
Check the box if the event or activity happens weekly. This enables the “Next Event” button.
Click “Next Event” to create the next event in the series. This copies the row, adding 7 days to the start and end dates.
The next event is not created automatically by design to avoid unnecessary data
The “Sometime” checkbox is for when you don’t have a specific time you want to do something
Price details are added in the Notes section to allow text entries, such as a price range.

Key Pages

: filter events by Start/End Date
: browse events by category and find something to do
: all events marked “Sometime” show up here
: contains a table referenced by Events that shows details about where events are happening. The page can also be used to record your favorite places in the city.
: shows events ending in specific time frames. It is sent as a weekly email.
: review what you’ve done, or use for cleaning up old data

Packs & Automation

This doc uses two , which are included with the and above. If you are on a free plan, you can still use this doc. Just keep in mind the Weekly Roundup email and Add to Calendar functions will not work. If you have not already, you may need to authorize these packs and set them up with your personal account.
Used to send the content of the page as an email
Click Settings (gear icon at top, right of page), then Automations, and Send weekly email.” This is were you can turn the automation on and off or change when it is sent. The default is Wednesday at 6PM, and the automation is off. Remember to turn it on when you copy the doc.
– used to add events to your calendar

The “Event Notes Template” under Data is used when adding a new event. It prompts you to add certain information to the notes.

This doc was built for NYC but can be adapted for wherever you live.

This doc was created by as a capstone project for the , 2022 Q4.
Last updated:
5/7/2024 3:21 PM
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