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Weekly Review

Get Clear

Clear your desk of all accumulated loose papers and materials (eg business cards, reminder notes, minutes, receipts, etc) and any outstanding items.
Empty your head and the loose action items, projects, somedays, etc.

Get Current

Review your list and mark off completed items. Check for any follow-up actions that need to be captured.
Review to see if there are any follow-up actions or reference material to file.
Review events to see if any tasks need to be carried out to prepare.
Review your list and capture any follow-up actions or reminders that are needed.
Review your list and evaluate the status of projects and tasks. Check through the project material to see if it triggers any new items to capture.
Go through the Incompletion Checklists to see if there are any triggers for new items.

Get Creative

Review your list to see if anything can be made active and moved to the appropriate list. Trash anything that is no longer of interest.
Take some time to think of any new ideas or initiatives which may have been triggered by things you’ve done in the last week.

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