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About GTD

This is the place to Get Things Done. Use this simple methodology to make sense of the clutter, reduce your stress levels and be more productive.
The methodology presented here is from “” by David Allen

📝 Capture

Collect things that have your attention. You may have notes, email, messages, voicemail, etc, as well as things in your short-term memory. these as Items at any time and then process them later.

🤔 Clarify

the items you have collected by answering these questions:
What is it? Does it make sense?
Is it actionable?
If Yes, then decide the physical action you’re going to do now:
Do it now (ie next 5 mins)
Defer it (ie put on Next Actions list)
Delegate it (ie someone else will do it, but you care about it)
List as Project (ie one simple action won’t complete this item; it needs to be a project)
If No, then decide whether to:
Trash it
Incubate it for possible later action
Reference it if you may need to retrieve the information later

🗂️ Organize

When you process your items, they get moved into one of the appropriate , or either the filing system or folder.
The action categories are:
: items to be done as soon as possible, but which don’t have a deadline
: tasks or meetings that need to be done on a specific date/time
: items that are big and need to be broken down into project tasks
: items that others are doing which you care about

You can use the Category (ie Work/Personal) and Sub-Category (ie Calls, Errands, At Home, At Computer, Meeting) to make items easier to sort and track.

✅ Reflect

Review the Next Actions and Scheduled items on a daily basis to see what to do.
Use the to get clear, get current and get creative.

🚀 Engage

Time to get things done! This is where you complete the items you’ve captured. What to work on and when to do it will depend on a few things:
How much time do you have?
How much energy do you have?
What are your priorities?
One option is to set aside a certain period of the day that works for you. In that period you can choose to:
Do work that has previously been captured (ie go through your action categories)
Do work as it appears (eg respond to mails or calls)
Take some time to further define your work (and possibly capture more items)
The key thing to remember is to trust the process!

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