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A quick guide on how to get started with your Getting Things Done To-Do list
The GTD To-Do list is based on the “” methodology by David Allen. Use this simple process to make sense of the clutter, reduce your stress levels and be more productive.
I’ve been using this process for 6 months now. It’s made a huge difference to my work/life balance. I’m more organized, better focused and less stressed.
To start using, just copy the doc to your own workspace and start playing around. There are some notes on how to get started below.

How to use

Start by de-cluttering your desk and mind - simply items on a regular basis or as you think of them. The mobile version of the GTD To-Do list is a great way to capture things whilst on the go.
Once items have been captured, you need to periodically them. Classifying an item moves it into one of the appropriate action folders. Alternatively if you do complete the item right there, you can mark it as done. You can also trash items you no longer need to worry about.
Items that are classified as ‘Defer’, ‘Delegate’, or ‘Project’ are moved into one of the following To-Do folders:
The list summarises the current status of your folders so that you can see quickly what to focus on.
See here for more information
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