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Shopify & Google Ads Conversion Tracking Setup [+Audit Included]

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Shopify & Google Ads Conversion Tracking Setup [+Audit Included]

Set up Enhanced Conversion in Google Ads with our open-source code block.
After the iOS 14.5 changes, which resulted in significant ROI declines for Facebook Ads, Google Ads became crucial for Shopify stores.
After assisting more than 1000 merchants with their data analytics setup, we see that many merchants still need help with a reliable conversion tracking setup.
Using this comprehensive guide, you'll be able to:
Perform an audit of your conversion tracking setup.
Learn the fundamentals of conversion tracking and compare the outcomes of your Google Ads conversions with those of your Shopify store.
Without using any apps, set up Google Ads Enhanced conversions.
Double-check Google Ads conversion tracking pixel for your Shopify store.
We’d love to present an easy way, but even we can't hack this. While there is no easy fix, we did our best to provide a reliable solution.
We love sharing what we know, so a playbook including all we know on the subject was a no-brainer. We hope this guide becomes a valuable tool for Shopify merchants looking to set up Google Ads conversion tracking.
So merchants, stick around till the end of the guide to gain a comprehensive understanding of Google Ads.

Chapter 1: Shopify & Google Ads Conversion Tracking Audit

Chapter 1 includes the fundamentals of Conversion Tracking. Remember that this audit only covers some of the assets. It's simple and actionable and should be enough for most merchants. But there still might be other items to be checked.
This extensive audit will show you the exact problems you need to solve.
Do your conversions even work?
Are the report numbers wrong?
Is there double-tracking?
Are different currencies causing the issue?
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