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3. Helping to connect to the right opportunities

Leverage your networks to remind folks of all the right opportunities awaiting them

Why it matters

Many successful jobs are via referrals, which are a result of strong networks. By leveraging your own network to amplify and advocate for others, you’re improving the chances of that perfect match.
job seekers - particularly of color - and help them grow in their careers for the long term.

What to remember

Don’t pass judgment on opportunities folks pursue
Everyone has their own reasons for roles they’re pursuing and it is not your place to dictate what the right roles are for them to take. You can certainly provide your perspective, but do so in a supportive manner (e.g., “don’t settle” is not helpful if someone is deeply concerned about finances and a role fills that need.)
This is your moment to shine as a sponsor
By highlighting how incredible your contacts and/ or former colleagues are. Detail why they’re amazing (character traits, impact) to the right audiences. Be mindful about who you’re sponsoring as well and work to ensure that you’re sponsoring those with different backgrounds from your own, particularly if you are not part of the BIPOC community.
Don’t do “cold” intros
Check-in first with your connections before connecting job seekers.
Be clear on what you can endorse:
Helping out a connection is important, but be clear with your own network on what you know about the job seeker and what they are looking for. This includes specifying, for instance, whether you’ve worked closely with them before and can vouch for their work, or if you were more recently connected.
Ways to connect folks to the right opportunities
Level of Effort
Post specific call to action(s) on your LI about how others can help, with links
Source & share job opportunities
1-1s to brainstorm the right opportunities and helping folks stay organized and encouraged
Reach out to your contacts
Learn how:
Make warm introductions
Learn how:
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