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4. Helping to prepare for the interviews and offer

The interviews are scheduled. Help folks nail them!

Why it matters

Interviews and handling negotiations at the offer stage are stressful! Our nerves can be our undoing, so helping folks work through their nerves and “word vomit” before the big interview is key. Reassuring them throughout the offer stage is also tremendously helpful.

What to remember

Focus 100% on your interviewee.
Provide objective, constructive feedback: be clear about what the feedback is and why you are providing it.
Remind them of their worth especially during negotiations.
Ways to help folks prepare
Level of Effort
Conduct mock interviews
Walkthrough offer negotiations (see More Resources below)
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More Resources

Links to sample questions for customer service-oriented roles

Links to sample questions for people manager roles

When it comes to helping others negotiate offers - review the following links to get a sense of best practices (as well as reflect on your own experiences). Help run through what discussions with a recruiter might look like and provide feedback on ways that someone can improve how they’re handling the conversation or review emails they might send.

Thank you for helping!
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