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Finding your next job - The Next Step Project
3. Helping to connect to the right opportunities

2. The warm introduction

Now that you’ve gotten the sign-off, make the connection - but provide both sides with enough context to drive their conversation forward!

Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 12.00.20 AM.png
Keep it short and sweet - just a quick few words to preface the introductions. This is a bit of a personal preference though, so you can skip the 1-line pleasantry and get straight into the introductions.
Mutual connect context
Start by addressing the person you’re asking a favor of and provide a succinct description of how you know the job seeker - along with a hyperlinked LinkedIn profile in the job seeker’s name. Remember that blurb we asked you to get earlier? This is where you’ll use it again to provide details on the job seeker’s background, what they’re looking for, and why you think your contact is the right person for them to speak with.
The Ask
Similarly, explain to the job seeker why you believe this contact is the right person to speak to and about what. This gives both parties enough context to frame their conversation. When you type out the contact’s name, link it to their LinkedIn profile.
The Closing
Close out the email and thank your contact for their willingness to help.

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