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In This Section

In this section, you will find a brief overview of CougarView, some of its features, and where you can find helpful resources.

CougarView Homepage

Your CougarView homepage contains links to several helpful resources. Many of them can be found on the MyCSU homepage but are also put on the CougarView Homepage for convenience.

Features To Note

CougarView Hompage.JPG
In the image above, there are sections outlined in red that contain information or refences to key information. In the announcements section, you can find all of your course’s latest updates in one location. Note: You screen may look slightly different as there are some differences between faculty and student views.

Image Above

Web Links (Bottom Right)

This section contains links to technical help, library resources, software, and more for your convenience.

Calendar (Top Right)

This feature will show important dates of all of your courses. Note: Make sure your professor uses this feature before relying on it for your other courses. In this course, I post all due dates and other important dates which will show up there.

Announcements (Top Left)

This box displays all announcements from all of your courses using CougarView. As mentioned in the Calendar feature, make sure your professor utilizes this feature before counting on it for course announcements. In this course, my annoucements will appear there.
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